To support our customers across the sectors we work in, we have created product ranges to suit the requirements and specific demands of the job roles.


Alexandra leads the healthcare clothing market in terms of the quality, design and range of garments on offer. We’ve been trusted by the public and private healthcare organisations across the UK and Europe to supply healthcare uniforms because of the superior comfort and fit.  Our uniforms look the part and they deliver outstanding performance across all roles, from medical scrubs to healthcare assistant uniforms.

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust


The hospitality sector offers a lot of flexibility for tailoring your uniforms to reflect your brand.  When it comes to hospitality workwear, Alexandra takes inspiration from international fashion trends because we know you love the contemporary styling for a look that’s altogether more individual.  Whether it’s chefs’ trousers or front of house uniforms, we blend the very latest advances in fabric and manufacturing technologies to create stylish looks that don’t compromise on comfort, fit or performance.



Office workwear can be as individual as you are, and we enjoy the creativity that affords us when it comes to research and design.  We’ve curated four distinctive, beautifully tailored collections to fit the precise needs of different businesses. The ranges feature various styles so you can mix and match garments including jacket, trouser, skirt and dress options to personalise your business look.

Black & Lizars


The best workwear must be practical and comfortable, and our range is both. Incorporating the very latest technology is one of the best parts of the workwear design team’s job and with all the advances, this range is always evolving.  Whether you’re looking for a simple hi-vis vest or any other safety workwear, the Alexandra range is developed with years of expertise for peak performance.

Made To Order

Create your own unique look in 3 easy steps. Our innovative Made To Order services allow customers to create bespoke uniforms, unique to your organisation by selecting a design and colour scheme to suit your business.