Black & Lizars

Rebecca Jones
Head of Private Sales


With 24 stores across Scotland and Northern Ireland and a proudly held reputation for expertise, quality and service, Black & Lizars have a heritage that is every bit as rich and innovative as Alexandra’s and have remained at the forefront of optical technology for over 180 years.

Established in Glasgow in 1830, John Lizars was an early innovator in the newly developed field of lens technology. As well as spectacles, the firm engineered cameras, microscopes, telescopes and barometers. Indeed, it was a Lizars camera that first ignited the passion of John Logie Baird, inventor of modern television technology. Image is very important to Black & Lizars.

Their patients trust their experience and specialist screening services to provide the very best eyecare; so projecting a professional image in the choice of uniform, is a key element of their brand personality.

Black & Lizars wanted a contemporary look, with a choice of matching garments and the convenience of ordering on demand. Alexandra’s Cadenza tailored range was the perfect choice. Coupled with bespoke scarves and ties to reflect their branding, they have created a timeless and professional look throughout their branches.

“Our staff love their uniform – it makes them feel smart and professional but allows them to mix and match the garments to suit individual preference” Yvonne Murray, Practice Manager, Black & Lizars

“Our staff love their uniform – it makes them feel smart and professional”

Yvonne Murray, Practice Manager
Black & Lizars

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