Alexandra works in partnership with Europe’s leading garment personalisation specialist,  We offer embroidery, printing, and labels, and we personalise over 700,000 garments every year for customers in the UK and internationally. With the largest embroidery plant in Europe, operating hundreds of personalisation machines and offering 24-hour support to Alexandra, providing a fast, high-quality service without causing damage to the garment. For large contract orders we can apply the logo and personalisation in the manufacturing process.

We can personalise your chosen workwear with your logo or any other design using our modern eBos system.  The advanced online digitising system allows you to check the proofs of your design online making it a quick and efficient system.

Digital embroidery

Our embroidery is now done digitally so there is no limit to the design of your typeface or logo. We’ll match whatever you want.  Couple that with a huge range of colours in our high quality, durable embroidery threads and we’re ready to go.


We can use a range of techniques to print designs onto our clothing. They produce full-colour, bold designs that work especially well for large compositions, or for large volumes.  All our techniques print permanently.

Tax tabs and labels

Alexandra can make customised, woven labels which can be sewn onto the finished garment or incorporated into the seams during manufacture.  These tax tabs are often used in corporate clothing, particularly for those who supply high volumes of workwear garments to their staff.  These small labels carry your logo when a larger design wouldn’t quite work.