Sizing sets

Employees come in all shapes and sizes and often the best way to understand what will fit best is to try on several sizes.  We can send you a range of garments in different sizes up to a full set so you can have a sizing day at work.  Your staff can try on the different garments and check the sizes before you place the order.

This works particularly well if you have staff working different shift patterns and your team won’t all be together.

Special sizing days

We can come to you and host a sizing day. If your business or site has more than 200 employees who will be wearing the uniform, or if your workwear requirements are more complex, our expert sizing team can be on hand to help.


We’ll work together to arrange a convenient day to visit your business and our experienced team will measure your staff.  They’ll bring samples with them so individuals can try on for size. Sizing days ensure the best possible fit for your staff.

Wearer trials

We know buying a new uniform can be a significant investment, which is why you might want to opt for a wearer trial.  It’s a simple yet effective idea; you choose a group of people to conduct the trial on your behalf, you choose the garments you’d like them to try and we’ll send you the pieces to trial in your actual working environment.  The trial can last for up to 4 weeks and gives everyone some really useful insight into what will work for you.

Wearer packs

When we send out your order, we can package everything for each individual into their own named parcel, making distribution very simple.  Everyone comes to collect their uniform next time they’re in work, or on a date to suit.

If you prefer, Alexandra can also provide a ‘by hand’ service, where we deliver each wearer’s uniform directly to them on your company premises. It’s all part of the service.

Wearer guides

Where you have a large workforce, Alexandra can provide illustrated guides to show how the uniform looks, a sizing guide, and tips on how to measure yourself to choose the right size.

We tailor these to your business and we’re always happy to advise on the best ways to communicate information about the uniform with your workforce.  This could include garment care leaflets, corporate brochures, staff identification posters, bespoke order and feedback forms.

FREE Samples service

To help you choose the right work clothing for your business, Alexandra can offer a free 30-day Sample Service for non-customised garments from our standard catalogue range. You can select a range of styles, colours, and sizes through your Account Management team.

Depending on the size of business and number of wearers, a member of the account team may attend for an initial sizing day.