Alexandra offers a carefully selected, market-leading range of products designed to meet the needs of every organisation.  We have remarkable experience and proficiency across the sectors we serve and produce cutting edge product ranges for healthcare, hospitality, workwear and businesswear.

That experience doesn’t make us complacent. We want to use our knowledge to keep growing and improving our range.  We like our position at the forefront of workwear innovation and so we’ll continue researching new fabrics, uncovering new manufacturers around the world, and developing new products.  It’s what has given us the UK’s widest range of workwear.

All our products are rigorously tested to meet comfort, wear-ability, durability and health and safety standards, and because it’s Alexandra, we place a big focus on the styling and design as well.

Design options

For customers who want to stand out from the crowd, we have a team of highly experienced designers who will help to create a special look in keeping with your brand and working environment.  It’ll be on trend and contemporary.

We pride ourselves on being the workwear experts in healthcare, facilities management, hospitality and public education sectors as well as finance, banking, retail, transport and more.

Our experience gives us the skill and ability to advise on your workwear requirements, and put together a package that integrates seamlessly into your workforce.

How can your Uniform help your brand?

Quality assurance

Alexandra has a long-held reputation for providing high-quality, hard wearing modern workwear. We’re so confident with that quality that all Alexandra branded products are guaranteed for two years.  We test them against our high standards at every step the production lifecycle. That way, we can be confident that quality is consistent.

It’s not just our garments that are tested.  We also hold all our manufacturing locations to exemplary standards, and to ensure consistency, they are subject to regular assessments and audits.

Our manufacturers are all specifically chosen for their specialist knowledge of workwear. That’s important to us to ensure our products are fit for purpose, from the initial concept on our design boards to the end of its journey as your brand uniform.