A breakthrough in healthcare

Emma Moore


Earlier this year, Alexandra workwear teamed up with developers from the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to design a revolution in patient hospital wear.

The idea originated after research was conducted and results concluded that patients at Musgrove hospital felt a lack of dignity and privacy throughout their treatment when it came to patient wear, increasing stress and anxiety. The objective was to provide patients with an alternative to the traditional patient gown which gave them more dignity when worn.

The team of developers created the Dignity Tunic. An easy-care, multipurpose tunic for use by both male and female patients during treatments to maintain patient modesty and comfort.

The design enables the garment to be worn in nine different ways, exposing only specific areas required whilst covering the rest of the body.
Feedback received since trialing the tunic has been extremely positive.

Read more now and don’t forget to check out the time-lapse video, featuring our product team creating a display of the various ways the tunic can be worn! E65F10F7-1C4E-4B1F-967E-34AC35FDEEC8


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